In order to provide foreign language education and to develop language programs, the language institute of Hongik University was founded in March, 1997. We have also provided the information of various language exchange programs with other educational institutes. Successful completion of English courses in our language programs is considered equivalent to the completion of a mandatory undergraduate English courses at our university. We offer German, French, Chinese, Japanese, TEPS, Cyber TOEIC, TOEIC, TOEFL JFKN English, and the postgraduate English program as a substitute for the official postgraduate English examination.
  The language courses are offered during regular semesters with special English program offered during the summer and winter vacations. The special intensive English course focuses on practical English conversation and writing skills, and is taught by the native teachers of Hongik University. The institute also provides Korean language education for foreigners and the intensive training course for the future Korean language teachers for foreigners.

The homepage of the language institute is as follows: