The Educational Technology Center, established in 1971 and expanded in 1994, helps faculty and students achieve more effective teaching or learning in various ways. The ETC provides services like purchasing and producing instructional audio-visual materials, managing and repairing audio-visual equipments installed at each classroom, and operating language laboratories in the Center.
  The ETC also provides portable equipments like OHPs, slide projectors, screens, VCRs, LCD projectors, and opaque projectors.
  The ETC has 5 language labs for regular language-related classes and one for individual study. Each language lab for regular classes is equipped with audio video cassette players and computer connected to the Internet which can play DVDs/CD-ROMs. The lab for individual study can accommodate 44 students who want to practice foreign languages on their own. In this lab students can play DVDs, CO-ROMs, and audio/video tapes, or watch CNN, NHK, TV5, etc., through satellite TV.