There are currently 13 research institutes and 12 research centers whose main activities include conducting research, providing consultation services, and sponsoring seminars on theoretical as well as practical issues in the areas concerned. The 13 research institutes are : the Environmental Development Institute, the Research Institute of Business Administration, the Institute of Economic Research, the Educational Research Institute, the Research Institute for Science & Technology, the Research Institute of Humanities, the Research Institute of Law, the Research Institute of Art & Design Technology, the Research Institute of Environmental Arts, the Research Institute of Industrial Technology, the Institute of Film, Video & Animation, the East Asia Institute of Corporate Management. The 12 Research centers are : the Railway & Transportation Research Center, the Disaster Prevention Research Center, the Center for Organic Materials and Information Devices, the Software and System Research Center, the Research Center of Ceramic Art, the Mechatronics Research Center, the Research Center of Marine Systems, the Information & Telecommunication Research Center, the Research Center of Electric Equipment, the Design Information & Culture Research Center, the Color Design Center, the Research Center for Media and Cultural Contents Strategy.
  The research institutes and centers provide administrative assistance and up-to-date equipments to individual faculty members to support their research and academic activities.